Hongshu NuoMi Wan Sweet Potato and Sticky Rice Flour Bon Bones 红薯糯米丸


This is a typical street food popular in south China, especially in Taiwan. It looks pretty, smells gorges and tastes absolutely delicious. This little yummy, chewy and crispy ball is perfect for a snack or with salad served as a light lunch.

Make 12 pieces
150g sweet potato peeled and sliced
30g sugar
100g glutinous rice flour

                      IMG_9785 IMG_9788

• Microwave/steam the sweet potato until it cooked
• Add sugar to the cooked potato, using a spoon to make mash
• Add rice flour little by little to the potato mash, stirring with a spoon whisk them into a dough


(Note: the dough should have a smooth texture without lumps and easily pick up by hands without sticking to fingers. The moisture of the sweet potato varies depending on its types, seasons and regions, adding flour gradually or adding some boiling water slowly but surely if the potato mash is too dry will achieve the desired consistency of the dough)

• Rest the dough for 5 minutes and divide it into 12 piecesIMG_9742
• Roll each piece between your palms and shape them into balls
• Half fill a saucepan with oil on a low heat
• Add the balls into oil and porch them while the oil is barely warm on a low heat until the balls float to the surface
• Turn up the heat to a medium, using a spoon tip the balls and separate them for an evenly cooking
• When the balls are starting to take on little colour, turn the heat to high until them cooked
• Drain them on kitchen paper and cool them down for about 10 minutes before serving.


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