Jiangzhuang Nai, Ginger Milk Curd 姜汁撞奶


It is super-simple and magic alike Chinese hot dessert that surprises people when they watch you making it first time. It is great fun for your kids if you making it with them together and you don’t need to worry about the mess in the kitchen because the ingredients are only milk, ginger juice and sugar. Sounds really easy, right? But the critical to success is to choose the correct types of the ingredients and pay attentions to the details.

ginger milk curd

Ingredients Serve 2

360ML Water buffalo milk or cow milk with full fat

3 Teaspoons sugar

40ML freshly squeezed old ginger juice. (The more branches the ginger is older)ginger milk curd -1


  1. Grate the ginger and press it over a sieve or with chess cloth to get the ginger juice out.
  2. Divide the juice equally into 2 serving bowls.
  3. Let the juice set for about 1 minute and tilt the bowl to 45 degrees to see whether there is a thick layer of white stuff, the ginger starch, at the bottom of the juice. If no, then don’t proceed.
  4. Heat the cow milk and the sugar on a medium heat to 75-80 centigrade, using a thermometer, to check the temperature.
  5. Stir the ginger juice with a spoon to mix the starch up again and stop.
  6. Pour the milk from 2-inch high above the bowl. Let the milk ‘crash’ into the ginger juice at one go.
  7. Rest it for 5 minutes and do not move the bowl and then serve.

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