SICHUAN LIANG MIAN Sesame Cold Noodle 四川凉面

Circling finger along the inner wall of sesame paste jar and licking every bit paste off the finger is still my sweetest childhood memory. Sesame cold noodle is so popular in China, people eat this noodle dish at home, in restaurants all year around.

Having a bowl of sesame noodle with some braised beef slices and a bottle of beer, there is no better way to chill you out on a hot Summer day.

It is simple and effortless to make this dish. The key ingredient is sesame paste blending with other supplementary sauces. The combination of sweet and spicy, sour and savory taste makes everybody happy.

Spicy food on a hot day sounds odd but in fact they do help you cool down faster and lasting longer from my personal experience. I don’t know how it works but the fact is that people in Central and South America, India, Africa, Southeast of Asia and the Caribbean eat foods flavored with hot Chilli peppers and spices during their summer time. In anyway, if you are not a spicy lover, you can simply leave it out and the rest of ingredients works well.


serves 2-3

250 g Egg Noodle (dry)IMG_1837

3 Tablespoons sesame paste (You can use smooth peanut butter instead)

1 teaspoon Sichuan Peppercorn

Sesame oil

Chili oil

Garlic 2-3 cloves 10 g white sugar

1 tablespoon Chinese vinegar

2 tablespoons light soy sauce

3 tablespoons cooking oil

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 spring onion, finely chopped

1 carrot, finely chopped

1 cucumber finely chopped

some finely chopped coriander

 Sauce Preparation:

Mixed sesame paste with sesame oil till the mixture become smooth, Do not use water as it can dilute the taste.

Heat cooking oil and Sichuan Peppercorn in a saucepan on a low heat until peppercorn getting into dark remove pan from heating, left it cool down and pick out the peppercorn. P.S. You can cook more portion of this peppercorn oil and keep it in a small bottle in a cool and dry place.

Mix sugar, light soy sauce, and vinegar together.

Using a garlic press to crush cloves.

Cooking noodles

Boiled egg noodle, Do not let the noodle perfect cooked keeping trying noodle while cooking.

Drain out hot water immediately and mixing hot noodle with olive oil well till oil covers all noodles. Occasionally string noodles to prevent stick together until it reaches room temperature,

Mix above all the sauces and vegetables.

Here you go, Bon Appétit!


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